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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Manufacturer For Modular Kitchen

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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Manufacturer For Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is in trend these days, due to their increased storage capacities, aesthetic look, and easy maintenance. It is even suitable for any type of kitchen, be in open, closed, small or large. The pre-made cabinets and drawers make it easy for installation and don’t create a mess at home. The modular kitchen even gives an even look to the kitchen and creates a huge storage capacity to keep things unlike the traditional kitchen, which used to provide less space for storage.

Besides this, a modular kitchen can be customized according to the needs. You don’t need to pick up different cabinets or drawers from different shops for their storage needs, but just a single order of modular kitchen is enough, to give the kitchen a complete look. Due to the many advantages which modular kitchen has, people stick to it and look for various manufacturers or retailers for getting it installed.

However, it is highly recommended that you should be aware of the manufacturer’s details before placing an order. There are many cases of fraud nowadays, and people are deceived by them. People should hence check for the following points before placing an order with the manufacturer:

  1. Credibility:It is important to check the manufacturer’s credibility before. It is always recommended to go on mouth-saying and select the manufacturer based on actually seeing his performance and work earlier. The credibility of a manufacturer can also be assessed by checking his samples and catalogs.
  2. Website:It is always recommended to check the website of a manufacturer before placing order. A good website has many details like catalogs, contact, address, “about us” section, place of work through which you can assess the manufacturer. On the website, customer should look for the type of modular kitchen which is best suitable along with the color requirement being provided by the manufacturer.
  3. Contact information: After checking the website, you should call the manufacturer and ask the team about the requirements of the modular kitchen. By calling, the customer is verifying the credibility of the manufacturer and that, he is not a fraud.
  4. Address:A customer should also ensure that a definite address of manufacture and place of work is there of the manufacturer. If a proper address is not there, it could be a fraud.
  5. Customizations:A customer invests a huge amount of money in the modular kitchen and requires that the kitchen should be made according to his wishes. It is hence required, you should beforehand ask about the customizations. People should avoid those manufacturers who are fussy about customizations or do not provide customizations according to their needs. It is because every kitchen and home is different and customizations according to needs make it look beautiful.
  6. Price:It is always recommended to check the price and negotiate before finalizing the deal. Any discrepancy afterward will always lead to trouble.
  7. Comparison:It is advisable to compare different manufacturers providing the service of the modular kitchen. Their quality, rates, performance can be compared to check for the best.
  8. Best in the market: Sticking to those who have been performing well and specialized in the market is necessary so that a credible work is assured. With the best in the market, you even don’t need to fix your eyes upon the manufacturer’s work.
  9. Time for fittings:  You should beforehand ask the manufacturer about the total time which will be taken to finish the total work along with installations. Sometimes, manufacturers take lots of time in completing the work which causes frustration among customers.
  10. Designs:Customers nowadays, want several types of designs in the modular kitchen. They should hence, choose that manufacturer who has a full catalog of designs and can serve the needs of the customers.
  11. After-sales:Whether a manufacturer is providing after sales or not, is an important question that should be asked for. After-sales that means repairing works is essential for the maintenance of the modular work. You should try to deal with those manufacturers which after these services.
  12. Installations:Sometimes, manufacturers make the cabinets and wardrobes, but do not install them. This creates havoc between the customer and the manufacturer. It should be asked before the deal whether there is any service for installation or not.
  13. Quality of materials being used:The material should be enquired before finalizing the deal. Whether it is MDF, plywood, stainless steel, laminated wood, it should be confirmed that how much of the material is being used on the items.
  14. Guarantee/Warranty:Guarantee/ warranty should be thereof at least a minimum time duration. The customer invests lots of money in the modular work and expects a reasonable amount of time duration. Hence, the manufacturer must give a guarantee or warrantee of time duration and the customer must ask for the same.

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