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Plan your modular kitchens

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Plan your modular kitchens

A lot of people nowadays opt for modular kitchens as these offer a lot of design options, spacing and elegance. Generally kitchen manufacturers offer an appropriate kitchen design depending on the cost and the timeline. 

If your cooking area is completely bare and during construction no counters have been made then you can go for a box type kitchen. The box type modular kitchen is completely modular and contains everything which includes counter, cabinet, shutters and pullouts. If the builder has already provided counters and sink then you will need to work around that to get a modular unit. This will save you on overall cost of modular framework but you can go for parts like cabinet shutters, shelves, pullouts and other accessories.

Most of the brands have fittings, shutters, drawers and other parts in fixed sizes. This works well in box type modular kitchens as the counter height can be adjusted but for those where the counter is already built-in, the parts should be customizable so as to fit accordingly. Or else you should go for custom built option.

Brands like Godrej, Hettich, Moda, Haffel and Sleek make nice designs but they are very expensive. Bellocucina modular kitchen offers a wide range of modular kitchen designs and modular kitchen parts at a very reasonable rate. We are very punctual while delivering and installing your modular kitchen. Our modular kitchens consist of standard modular units and cabinets which are built and available in various materials, colors and finishing. These modular kitchens come with accessories and fit in various budgets as different cost ranges are available. There are standard units for wall and floor and these take care that electrical appliances as well as various utensils can easily fit. Thus the modular units can be done in lesser time and budget than a complete custom built one.